Connecting great solutions and ideas with the right business opportunities 

Best practice customer acquisition through strategic business transformation and change


If 2020 has taught us anything, its just how important communicating and personal interaction with others is, and how until now we have taken these simple routines for granted. We have all had to quickly adapt to a new world of Zoom and Teams, and communicating wearing a mask.

Humanized business development remains our core service proposition, now blended with solutions, services, technology and thought leadership to target new business sales and new customer acquisition. 

We focus on helping business leaders overcome new challenges and problems, connecting great solutions and ideas with the right business opportunity. 

Sales leadership, direction, motivational coaching, and face2face (online) selling are now even more valuable resources that we deliver as outsourced solutions. With a network of specialist sector consultants supporting business growth and development, best practice sales management is at the core of the value we deliver.

The lockdown gave everyone the opportunity to look at ones own personal impact on the environment. The time spent on trains, planes, and motorways has been replaced with a lean, agile and more sustainable sales development solution. We are determined to help clients grow their business with the proactive support needed to reduce carbon footprint and support the challenge of climate change.


sales and business development 

sustainable business practice

print management

data insight and business intelligence

best practice sales solutions, services, technology, and thought leadership
solutions and support to reduce carbon footprint, and the challenge of climate change
best practice print procurement, tender management, process transformation, document and workflow automation, managed print, consultancy  
technology, technical human resource, innovative thinking, consultancy
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