Connecting People with Solutions & Opportunities

Business Consulting & PR

Every business leader or talented individual, be that sport or stage, will at some point have ambition to grow and target the next stage on their journey.  How this is achieved often requires planning, time, resource, momentum and the right opportunities to target success. 

Where we step in is to provide those opportunities, offer strategy, direction, resource, and the opportunities to build brand awareness, introduce new conversations, and build revenue directly associated with that solution or talent. 

We provide a fresh set-of-eyes to research new markets, competitor analysis, plan and deliver sales campaigns. We drive awareness of brand and talent through Publicity and PR, and commercial revenue through Business Development.

What we specialise in is opening those doors that until now have remained closed, delivering introductions through to contract negotiations improving revenue and growth.

We operate as a consultant, adviser, representative or agent, whatever works best to meet targets, objectives, and accelerate performance.

Business Development and PR delivered the right way

While you focus on doing what you and your business do best, we provide the back-office support from finance to legal, from marketing to sales. We deliver new opportunities from every conversation.