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Consulting & Business Development

What We Do  

Business Development, Sales, Customer & New Business Acquisition

No one likes being sold to, but everyone enjoys that rush of satisfaction from buying something they really want. 

To speed up the sales process, we deliver Business-Development-as-a-Service to improve process, accelerate sales, acquire customers, and new business growth.

From strategy development to roll-out planning, market insight and brand communications, we introduce opportunities and facilitate new conversations to build strong pipelines within target communities, networks and business sectors.

We open doors that might appear shut, delivering support that is reactive and agile to both a company's level of maturity, or changes in economic conditions.

Support is delivered as a dedicated resource or on-demand, leading from the front or supporting from the side, providing business coaching and self-development to enable  teams to operate with greater levels of self-autonomy across new markets, sectors and territories.

Process & Platform Development, Business Transformation & Digitisation

We like solving problems. We combine real-life experience with data to overcome  a myriad of commercial challenges. Partnering with the right people to address every day and one-off problems, we use proprietary and off-the-shelf technology to automate process, and provide business leaders with actionable insight, BI, improved governance, project management, and low-code technology platforms. 

We uncover customer behaviour with real time analytics to build solutions that improve workflow and collaboration. We identify profitable markets to target sales activity, increase market share, and plan for long term positioning.

Every business has target customers, so we support their acquisition by introducing changes in process to highlight business capabilities that match customers real problems. We make tenders and RFP’s more responsive with insight that demonstrates you really understand customer requirements.

We apply lean six sigma methodology and experience to form hypotheses, solutions, and make recommendations that can be delivered across new markets and existing accounts. 

Customer Communications, Experience, Print Management & Graphics

‘It takes on average seven attempts of direct communication with a prospect customer to register on their radar’

Making the right noise in any target market can be challenging. To compete effectively requires the right strategy and tactics deployed to stand-out from the competition. 

We help highlight the benefits and strengths of your proposition, combining SWOT and competitive analysis to deliver the right communications strategy. We look at how business messaging fits with operational objectives, and a flow of information that delivers a call to action.

We look at how customers interact with the brand, the channels of communication, and how the total experience delivers value to the customer, and captures data for the client.  

We build strategy to differentiate brands from the competition, using traditional and digital solutions to deliver brand messaging to target customers. With years of experience of working across all areas of the print and graphics industry, we deliver print management and advice on print procurement and process applications.

Marketing Collateral, Large Format Graphics, Direct Mail, AI Technology, Print Hardware, Document Management Software

Sustainable Thinking, Carbon Measurement & Transformation

Sustainability has become an imperative for companies, as well as the planet. A decade ago, reducing environmental impact was merely a ‘nice to have’ for a business. Today, a business faces increasing pressure from customers, stakeholders, and employees to deliver solutions in the right way, and act decisively on environmental issues. It's now a necessity, as well as a genuine and enormous business opportunity.

With the boom in emerging climate technology and a passion to make a difference, we support you with sustainability tools and some hugely experienced partners to measure carbon emissions across the business, meet legislative targets, and identify potential changes in process that will reduce your carbon footprint.

We help clients establish a new mindset to stretch their sustainability objectives, helping to create the right environment that sets a business apart from its competition.

We will support you in meeting your sustainability objectives within any business transformation, working with internal teams to deliver scope 1, 2, and 3.